In our production process we use the following injection moulding machines: ENGEL and HAITIAN(integrated with the robot),  with the clamping force from 50 to 450 tonnes.

Owing to the full automatization and equipping with all types of safety measures, the machines are safe, and ensure the uniformity of the injection process. In order to provide the highest quality of the product, during the production process we use temperature stabilizers of the mould and, if necessary or recommended, the initial drying of the material.

Particular settings of the machines are recorded in the secondary storage. This means that once we receive an order for the product that we had already worked on, we can produce it again using the identical parameters. It guarantees that the product will be exactly the same.

All our machines are equipped with the material feeder integrated with a dispenser of colour concentrates. This provides full uniformity of the colours of the moulded pieces ordered.